Brand Protection

Brand rights holders can protect the integrity of their products when they have registered the appropriate trademarks, and added overt and covert security marks.  However, this action alone will not solve the problem.  


i-Corporate Risk Consultants can provide expert guidance and assist in enforcing ongoing brand protection programmes and can develop anti-counterfeiting strategies to operate alongside a brand protection programme. If no programme exists, i-CRC’s years of experience, gained over the past three decades can assist to develop a programme suitable for your business.


i-CRC can provide advice on the most efficient and cost-effective use of overt/covert security features. Will gather intelligence from the market, identify new trends, obtain evidence in order that enforcement action can be taken.


i-CRC delivers product identification training seminars throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa to legal authorities on behalf of clients. 


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Intellectual Property Investigations

i-Corporate Risk Consultants has extensive global experience and knowledge in investigating and resolving brand protection matters for example the manufacture and distribution of counterfeit products, stock loss, parallel imports (grey market product) and illegal printing of trademarked packaging. i-CRC will obtain evidence to support legal action, conduct controlled purchases, liaise with authorities to initiate searches of suspect premises and following appropriate training, act as product experts at raids.  i-CRC will provide evidence confirming why a product is infringing a trademark and attend court if required. i-CRC will manage the investigation throughout and continually liaise with the client.


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Other Services

Personal Protection


i-Corporate Risk Consultants, through its mother company Tempest Security, can arrange personal protection operatives (bodyguards). Protection operatives, armed or unarmed, are fully accredited, experienced and discreet.

Pre-Employment and Education Screening


When considering the employment of an individual i-Corporate Risk Consultants can conduct checks which provide an invaluable objective validation of residence, studies, qualifications and business activities.

Due Diligence


i-Corporate Risk Consultants offer a discreet due diligence service that covers checking the credentials, and records, of companies and individuals in the United Kingdom and on an international basis. 

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Corporate Investigations

Despite careful planning, it is increasingly difficult to safeguard your company from fraudulent or damaging activities.

i-Corporate Risk Consultants provide a corporate investigation and security service that is discreet and confidential when investigating internal fraud or security matters. i-CRC will explore all possible facts pertinent to investigations and advise on solutions. 

i-CRC conducts cross-border investigations of shipment thefts in order to recover stolen products.

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