i-Corporate Risk Consultants is a professional investigative, security, and risk management company with operational offices in UK, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Turkey.

i-CRC has a global network that enables it to meet all your needs, wherever you may require assistance.


i-CRC's foundations were established in 1997.

i-CRC was purchased by Tempest Security Sweden in 2016 and in the same year, Tempest Security also purchased Gothia Protection (GPG).


GPG was also founded in 1997 and has extensive coverage in the Nordics and beyond.

Together i-CRC & GPG operate under Tempest Security Special Services Division. 


Tempest Security based in Stockholm is a comprehensive provider of high-quality security and security services, focusing on service-intensive environments. It includes everything from specialised preventative services, investigations and consulting to staffing with guards, surveillance and technology installations. 

Tempest Security AB became a (Publ) in December 2017. 

i-CRC employees and associates are highly experienced investigators, many of whom come from law enforcement backgrounds.

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